Empty Book: Final – How to land in Wonderland

Designing an empty book, coming up with a title and all, was a bit challenging.  What do you create for an empty book?  Where do you start?  All these questions and more came to my mind but as I started to sketch, more and more ideas came to my head.  This is the final result of many ideas I had.  I knew I wanted and “Alice” themed cover, so what better way than to accomplish this than with imaginary maps to guide us to Wonderland.  I think the biggest thing I have taken away from this assignment is to think outside the box and keep sketching ideas.  Sketching ideas helps you come to the final stage.  It helps to rule out ideas you may have thought would work and build on other ideas you may have set aside.


The invitation that started it all

Photo curtesy of Kristen Abigail Photography

Seems like it was yesterday that my now husband asked me to marry him.  After all the excitement calmed down, I started planing all the details.  The one thing that I kept running across was the generic cookie cutter invitations that cost an outrageous amount of money that I was not willing to spend.  Because I already have a background in art and photography, I set out to design my own invitations.  It was a huge learning process that took me about 3 months to execute.  However the results were well worth the effort.  Not only did I end up with some pretty awesome invitations, I also found a passion that I wanted to develop more with.  Since then I have designed save the date cards, graduation invitations, ceremony programs, rehearsal dinner invitations, baby shower invitations, and a countless birthday party invitations.  Perhaps I will feature a few of those in a later blog.

Fast forward 2 years later… I am now in the beginning stages of opening my own business and I am about to start my 2nd to last semester of school.  Even though I have more on my plate than I should, I don’t regret making my dreams come alive.  This has been a wonderful experience and I am enjoying watching my designs evolve as I gain more knowledge about this wonderful field of graphic design.