Graphic Standards Manual

Creating a GSM was a bit of a challenge. Based of what I knew and the research that I did, I found that a GSM can be as simple as a few pages or as complex as a novel. Before this project, I didn’t really know these existed. Having a GSM is a great tool to give people who will be using your logo in applications inherent to the business and who will need to recreate the logo and apply it to use for marketing.

I used InDesign for the creation of this project. By using master pages, I was able to keep a cohesive design theme. This was all about the logo so I needed to keep the design aspect simple and focus on content and information. Below is a sample of a spread that can be found in the GSM I created for the Crucible.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 8.48.07 PM


Final: Seventy Eight°C

Out of my initial sketches from my previous blog post, I originally set out to develop only one label.  I had the design for the label with the pecans almost fully in my head and felt very strongly about it.  After getting about half way done with the design, I “put it away” and started on the other label.  For some reason I just wasn’t “feeling” the first design.  It didn’t speak to me the way it did in my head.  When I started the second label it just came to me that this should be “the one”.  Raleigh Pecan Pie label is by far my favorite of the two.  But I just couldn’t leave the first one un-finished.  Even though they are both two completely different labels, I feel that they both have potential in the market.  I spent some time asking friends and family their opinion.  The feedback was about half for one and half for the other.  So, in the end I submitted both. What are your thoughts?  Do you like one more than another?  How could I improve these labels?  Please leave comments below!