WordPress Site

For those of you following along to my WordPress site, you might have noticed a few changes.  This change was much needed as a few things just weren’t flowing right and I needed to add a few pages for a recent assignment.

First up, color changes.  I went with a coral, grayish black, and white color scheme.  The thought is to keep the look clean and modern with a sense of warmth and inviting feel.

The header has my logo in the center with the original image of the daisies used previously. You will find the added links at the top labeled “Services” and “Portfolio”.  The links are pretty self explanatory, but were needed to really add to this site the things you can and should expect from me as a graphic designer.

Under the Services header you can find a list of things that I can provide to you, the customer.  But don’t let that limit me!  If you have something else in mind, I am happy to consider trying something new.

The Portfolio section is where you can find my previous works I feel are worthy of showcasing.  The goal will be to add a variety of things I have done to really show off what I can do.

Have any suggestions for my WordPress?  Please feel to leave any suggestions or general comments in the comments sections.



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