Social Media and it’s varied uses: An Interview

Social media can be used for many other aspects besides just checking in with friends.  For example, I personally belong to a few niche Facebook groups that I follow to keep up with craft trends, photography, and fashion.  Many people participate in these groups and give advice to others in those related areas.  This is fantastic because I am always learning something new and I can ask questions when I am ready to try something different.
I was able to interview a person who also uses social media to their advantage and others benefit as well.  The following are the questions and answers to this interview.
Q:What Social Media channels do you use related to your interest?
A: I predominantly use Facebook as a means for connecting with clients’ customers. I have used Twitter, seldom, in the past for previous clients.
Q: How much time do you spend each week on this Social Media Marketing?
A: I spend approximately two hours per week between scheduling posts and creating info graphics or digital event posters.
Q: How do you engage visitors to participate and share your content?
A: For a bar/restaurant, my main client, I engage visitors on Facebook to comment their favorite drink or food items and what they’d like to see on special.  Occasionally, we use the boost feature for upcoming events to reach a larger audience.
Q: How does this social media engagement benefit the you?
A: The social media engagement benefits me momentarily as I am paid by the bar/restaurant owner for my management of the Facebook account. Additionally, if benefits me while bidding new projects for clients searching for social media marketing. It benefits the client by seeing foot traffic come to their operation.
Q: How does this social media engagement benefit your audience?
A: It benefits the audience by keeping regulars and new customers informed of any upcoming events, or current and upcoming specials. The regular postings also allow folks who may want to visit the bar to see what the current clientele is.
Social Media is gaining popularity as a catalyst in marketing and reaching those niche areas that people are interested in.  As we can see, there are many different benefits towards using social media in the form.  What are your thoughts?  How can you see yourself using social media to engage others?  Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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