Final: Seventy Eight°C

Out of my initial sketches from my previous blog post, I originally set out to develop only one label.  I had the design for the label with the pecans almost fully in my head and felt very strongly about it.  After getting about half way done with the design, I “put it away” and started on the other label.  For some reason I just wasn’t “feeling” the first design.  It didn’t speak to me the way it did in my head.  When I started the second label it just came to me that this should be “the one”.  Raleigh Pecan Pie label is by far my favorite of the two.  But I just couldn’t leave the first one un-finished.  Even though they are both two completely different labels, I feel that they both have potential in the market.  I spent some time asking friends and family their opinion.  The feedback was about half for one and half for the other.  So, in the end I submitted both. What are your thoughts?  Do you like one more than another?  How could I improve these labels?  Please leave comments below!



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