Assignment: Real Problems, Real Solutions Sketches and Roughs

Last week we were asked to tell the class three causes we were passionate about.  One of my picks was helping our wounded Veterans.  I picked a local cause, Operation: Coming Home to use for my campaign marketing.

I decided that a billboard would be a great idea for this cause.  I am leaning toward doing two of these for my final because one of them will tie into my other part of my campaign.

The second part is a collaboration with Starbucks.  I designed a few cups and sleeves that they would use when selling their coffees.  In part, they would donate a portion of proceeds to the cause.

The third marketing idea is a point of sale “flyer”.  Customers would purchase the flyer at checkout and write their name on it.  It would then be displayed in the store.  All proceeds from the sale of the flyers would be donated to the cause.

Here are my sketches:


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